Our goal is to heal and educate your body as a whole, integrating medical and holistic wellness approaches into your lifestyle and work culture. Understanding that we cannot force ideas or change onto people, Healthy Anatomy's belief system is felt, not preached. Our team understands and specializes in organizing wellness into your daily routine and workspace.

Our unique collaborations of talents make your health convenient and exciting, while creating a community of support that engages, connects, and spreads throughout your organization. Giving you access to valuable time saving tools and techniques, we bring all of your health needs, wants, and the answers to your desk, using a single, awesome entity: Healthy Anatomy.

Our Coaches

Adrianne Trujillo

Wellness Director

I'm here to set you up! From kickball games and meal plans to health management programs... "there's so much room for activities."

Sandrine Kamhi

Yoga Instructor  

State of Yoga - South Beach

"I nourish and empower students at every level of practice." Her classes are playful and uplifting, creating a supportive foundation for students to feel balanced, energized, and confident on and off the mat. 


Yoga Instructor

SOL Yoga

Being Balanced doesn’t mean that you won’t experience unbalance in your days.
Balance is something we should work each day to create awareness of the things that surface in our day to day that might push us one way or another causing that unbalance.

Kalikia Dugger

Theta Healer & Spiritual Advisor

"By empowering my clients to fully embody and take responsibility for their own healing work or Labor/Birth processes, we can make lasting shifts in perception and experience."

Rocio Corredera 

Corporate Talent Director

 Talento Staffing Agency  

"You're only as successful as your resources and motivation." 

Alex Pecorella

Fitness Instructor

Barrys Bootcamp

"Your character is defined by what you do when nobody is watching... but I'll be watching."

DJ RyToast

Vibe Manager

As Chuck D once reminded, "You maybe 18, but to an 8 year old you are an OG." Know yourself. Know your worth. Share your wisdom. Listen."


Physical Therapist 


Registered Nurse 


Baptist ER 


My Story

I get it! We're all battling for balance between health and work. And that's what Healthy Anatomy is founded on! Genuine experience drives the Healthy Anatomy passion for bringing wellness into your work culture. I was a promotion pusher, the 7am to 7pm office dweller, the "I can't make it to the gym or doctor until maybe the weekend or holiday" person. Work took priority over my wellness and I sacrificed my healthy habits. So I decided to do something about it.

While head hunting for Verizon, ADP and Burger HQ, I hosted lunch-and-learns as team builders, planned happy hour exercises, and promoted the office to "take the stairs" or "pack these quick and storable snacks for the desk or car." My crazy healthy antics and blatant passion for wellness quickly became my coaching reputation in the industry.

Healing and helping prevent illness and injury became my purpose. Pursuing the path of medical knowledge, I have since completed my Pre-Med Post Baccalaureate, UCLA EMT, NASM PT certification and completing my RN licensure as of 2021.  Now, dedicating my life to helping people in all health capacities, and built a team to help you too!

--Adrianne Trujillo

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